Satisfied People

"On Wednesday 27th, the 5th Form had a talk by coach and motivational speaker, Louisa Rodriguez. She spoke to us about the importance of having self-confidence and believing in yourself, and how much you can achieve if you are persistent. Louisa also told us a little about her fascinating career so far; she had worked with people from many different backgrounds: homelessness, mental health and women in prostitution. These different experiences led her to do some extraordinary things for charity, including running from Leeds to Downing Street. Louisa really emphasised standing up for what you believe in and if you try you can achieve your goal- and I think we all found her talk very inspiring and encouraging"
Christie Smith - Oakham School
“I have only known Louisa for a relatively short space of time but her influence on me has already been considerable. I wouldn't describe Louisa as a ‘Life Coach’ in the traditional sense of the term, as she is more than this. She is a ‘fun coach’ which means her aim is to make your life ‘fun’ by removing the barriers to happiness. Her relaxed and open style disarms you to the point that you find yourself sharing thoughts, ideas, dreams and plans which you didn't know you had! I shared my dream and desires to be a professional speaker and Louisa is now helping me put plans in place to achieve this. With thoughtful and searching questioning Louisa helped me explore what was preventing me taking the steps I needed to achieve my goals. This is something that without Louisa I am confident I would still be making up reasons why I can’t do this. Simply put, if you have barriers in your life that are preventing you from being really, honestly and truly happy then you need to speak to Louisa. She is a genuine, shining example of what we can all be if we simply allow ourselves to believe in our dreams. Thanks Louisa. From Gary (The ‘Tony Robbins’ of Cyber Security!)”
Gary Hibberd - Managing Director and Professional Speaker
"Louisa’s confident and supportive way of working, meant I felt totally at ease when The Yorkshire Evening Post came out to one of our sessions! I was really nervous when she suggested I should try promoting Wild Goose through PR as it was something really new to me and I felt out of my comfort zone. Louisa’s professional attitude and caring nature made everything feel fine! She suggested a variety of places to approach for coverage and then sent me an amazing draft press release. She really took time to understand the nature of my business so she could present it in the best possible light. I’m really pleased with the whole process and super-chuffed with the outcome. I recommend Louisa to you whole heartedly."
Hayley Doswell - Founder of Wild Goose
I have known Louisa Rodriguez for several years and heard she did some public speaking but never had the pleasure of hearing her but because of her reputation and the enthusiasm she brings every time I'd met her, I was confident she would be great and I am glad she could find a gap in her busy schedule to come and speak at our business launch. Louisa speaks with passion and power coming from a deep reservoir of personal and professional experience. She was truly inspirational and told her story with humour, flair and sincerity, conveying a message of hope that is thought provoking and heartfelt. Louisa, your talk was very motivational, informative, entertaining and an excellent source of enthusiasm, spirit and passion which held the attention of everyone present. Your topic on the "2P" was personal and you presented the talk in a way that everyone could understand and feel connected with you. I would like to thank you very much for being a guest speaker at the Genistar Yorkshire Business Launch. Your ability to capture people's hearts and minds during your presentation was impressive. It was an absolute pleasure having you involved with our event and we look forward to having you speak at other events we will be holding in the future. Keep the fire burning and never ever stop being the amazing person that you are.
Samuel Leigh - Financial Coach and Head of Recruitment Genistar Yorkshire
"Louisa is simply AMAZING. I've never met anyone so inspirational and buzzing with life. Her presence in a room is truly admirable and she is always smiling. Louisa is sunshine on a rainy day, everyone who comes into contact with her, walks away feeling like a better person. Louisa is truly gifted in her ability to empower and coach people to achieve. I admire her resilience, confidence and dedication."
Dez Wilson - Aldrige Enterprise Studio
Louisa recently attended one of our Training Seminars, as a guest speaker.She spoke eloquently & more importantly, the content of her communication was both inspiring & motivating, which uplifted the team greatly & for which we are very thankful.
John Flynn - Owner, Executive Vice President Genistar Ltd
Louisa works with Chew PR on various writing projects ranging from factual business 2 business features to media press releases. I always find she has a very clear grasp of the different writing styles required in the public relations sector. It isn’t an easy task but I know I can rely on Louisa to approach each writing brief with professionalism and accuracy – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Louisa’s writing skills.
Colette Lowe - PR Executive Chew PR
Louisa is an incredibly inspirational person, some of which seems to be natural and the rest comes from her personal experience and achievements. I found that I trusted her from the outset. Her style is very casual but focused. She doesn’t have a set agenda or course of action, but knows when the real issues have been hit and works on those. I just needed four or five sessions and I felt I had got to the heart of what was holding me back from reaching my full potential. Louisa’s biggest quality is that she really cares about people and helping them value themselves. I have seen coaches previously who can talk the talk but they don’t have a fraction of the warmth and sincerity Louisa has. If you don’t believe me, find out for yourself. You will know what I mean form the moment you meet her.
Matthew – Business Owner, York
I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for speaking at one of our networking events and I must say I thought you where insightful, educational and of course amazing! Running a networking organisation it is always important for us to find key note speakers to both educate and inspire our members. From the stories you kindly shared with us both the company and our members really felt the passion and emotion you feel towards your cause in helping others to achieve their potential. One of the most important qualities I feel you delivered was the sincerity of your presentation. Although I felt you delivered a concise and well communicated presentation it did not seem scripted in any way. Instead it really came across that you where speaking from experience and from the heart which really gave a sense that you do not only know how to inspire people but also that you care. I would love for you to talk again about your experiences and how you can both help and inspire people into achieving whatever it is they want to achieve!<
Dave Randell – Referrals Network
Louisa’s talk was excellent for several reasons. It highlighted problems that people can have with self esteem and difficult life situations, and the role of a coach to help by using different techniques in positivity to deal with these situations. The question and answer session after the initial talk was even better as it allowed a diverse range of issues to be talked about, including CBT, NLP, EFT and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Louisa made everyone feel comfortable enough to ask multiple questions, which is very rare. (Especially given that most people are shy and reticent to talk about their own personal issues.) I think this fact gives a real glimpse of Louisa’s motivational quality, passion and personality and showed exactly how a motivational coach can help by making you feel comfortable enough to express the inner confidence you have within. Louisa is more than welcome to come and give another talk again and everybody I talked to after seemed genuinely impressed by her presentation, honesty and positivity.
Asif Ahmed – Oxfam, Leeds
Louisa has helped me in re-gaining my confidence as I had a lot of issues regarding my body and had low self-esteem. I can now dress in the things I want to and not feel people are judging me and if they are they are not important to me. She also helped me with moving on from a past relationship and not to dwell on what has happened but what I can learn from the situation. Having my confidence back has made me realise that I am worth much more and not to let someone treat me badly again. She really is an inspiration to both men and women and also very caring and genuinely wants to help people and make them feel how they should about themselves.
Charlie – Student, Leeds
Everybody should have a Louisa in their life!! Louisa inspired me with her enthusiasm, energy and zest for life. Everytime she left my flat I felt lifted. Through her support I feel I have grown so much. She was the first “outsider” I have trusted and it helped me to trust others. She was non-judgemental and that helped me to accept myself. Being able to trust someone explicitly with my problems and issues has helped me grow from a person with major difficulties to one that can deal with everyday activities.
Beth – Leeds