Louisa The Writer

I find joy in writing to share stories, empower, motivate and translate the power of a person, brand, business or experience through words. I have worked in PR writing articles, blogs, marketing content and  press releases to promote businesses and individuals. 

I have written press releases on behalf of other businesses, charities, and individuals for the local and national press. Written website content for businesses and individuals, as well as writing blogs for other businesses.

I write blogs and articles around positive mindsets, self-empowerment, womens issues, emotional well being for ALL and the constant learning we can find in every situation in life.

I am currently working on an book writing project to highlight and raise awareness of the impact of trauma and how people can grow through trauma.

Want to know more about my writing and how I can help you, just ask - Email: Telephone: 07919153338 or Tweet: @LRodriguezUK