Campaigns & Challenges

Trauma is sadly a part of life, trauma can be anything from the experiencing violence, living through war, losing a loved one, an unexpected accident, losing a job, losing your home and can leave a devasting impact on individuals, as people lose confidence in themselves and can lose their way in life. Individuals that have been through trauma sometimes need a helping hand to find their way back and reminding how amazing they still are. When it comes to trauma, people need the time, space and kindness to express what they have been through without the fear of judgement. Giving an individual the time or holding the space, just being by their side giving them the space , to cry and talk can be the beginning of a healing journey for them.

Some of the most inspiring people I have met are those that have faced the toughest journeys, adversity and trauma but through their healing they found a way to turn their trauma into something positive. Given the opporutunity, time and space for healing where they can be free to express their pain and emotion, people can grow through trauma, inspiring and helping others through their journey.

If you know someone going through a challenging time offer to just be there on their healing journey side by side with them, offer a helping hand, ask how you maybe able to support them, remind them of all the positive things about them and actually that facing challenges and trauma they are still amazing even if they dont feel like it! Always remember You ARE Amazing for being you!